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          1. 答題前,考生務必將自己的考試課程名稱、姓名、準考證號用黑色字跡的簽字筆或鋼筆填寫在答題紙規定的位置上。

          2. 每小題選出答案后,用2B鉛筆把答題紙上對應題目的答案標號涂黑。如需改動,用橡皮擦干凈后,再選涂其他答案標號。不能答在試題卷上。

          I.語法和詞匯填空。閱讀下面的句子或對話,從A、B、C和D四個選項中選出一個能 填入空白處的最佳選項,并在答題紙上將該項的字母涂黑。(本大題共20小題,每小 題1分,共20分)

          1. There has been ____growth in industry this year than there should have been. A. much C. little

          B. most D. less

          2. When you expect too much of others, you are ____ to become disappointed. A. timely C. likely

          B. probable D. possible

          3. It is necessary ____ technical training for all the new employees. A. to provide C. providing

          B. to be provided D. being provided

          4. The mass media keep us well ____ of what is happening in the world which would otherwise remain unknown. A. concerned C. acquainted

          B. exposed D. informed

          5. She____ blame other people for her troubles than admit her own mistakes. A. would rather C. prefers to

          B. had better D. has to

          6. Problems may come up when people have no ____of the law. A. message C. information

          B. knowledge D. intelligence

          7. You have little chance of getting the job____ you have professional training.


          A. unless C. in case

          B. as if D. so that

          8. The Eight O clock News will have a(n)____ report of the important meeting in Paris. A. live C. living

          B. alive D. lively

          9. Mary ran ____ one of her college teachers in the supermarket yesterday. A. out C. over

          B. across D. by

          10. To everyone s disappointment, his plan failed ____ all his efforts. A. in spite of C. for the sake of

          B. as a result of D. in the interest of

          11. She lost her job, and ____ made matters worse was that her husband became ill and bedridden. A. it C. what

          B. that D. which

          12. His lecture helped us better understand the ____ of religion on society. A. contribution C. connection

          B. influence D. separation

          13. The adult education center didn t offer any art courses, and ____. A. so did the museum C. neither did the museum

          B. the museum did so D. the museum did neither

          14. They discussed the problem several times, but came to no ____. A. ending C. judgment

          B. way D. conclusion

          15. The international language known as Esperanto ____ to be simple and logical, with a flexible vocabulary and an easy grammar. A. e designed C. designed

          B. was designed D. to be designed

          16. Some critics say that only wealthy people will ____ from the tax cuts. A. benefit C. earn

          B. obtain D. acquire

          1 7. He looked so tired this morning. He____ late last night. A. must stay up C. was staying up

          B. must have stayed up D. has stayed up

          18.____ peace finally came in 1945 was he able to go back to work. A. It was when C. Only when

          B. It was not until D. Only if


          19. She told him how she managed to bring him food, without which he____ of hunger. A. died C. was dying

          B. had died D. would have died

          20. It is reported that the police have finally ___ in catching the murderer. AL. won C. managed

          B. completed D. succeeded

          II.閱讀理解。認真閱讀下面兩篇短文,根據短文內容從A、B、C和D四個選項中選出一個最佳選項,并在答題紙上將該項的字母涂黑。(本大題共1 0小題,每小題2 分,共20分)

          Passage 1

          People who do not get enough vitamin A in their food may develop night blindness. But in the developing countries, especially the countries in Africa, a lack of vitamin A causes much more serious harm to children. The World Health Organization reports that the lack of vitamin A leads to as many as two hundred fifty thousand child deaths every year.

          Sweet potatoes with orange flesh have high levels of vitamin A. Experts say orange sweet potatoes could help solve the lack of vitamin A in Africa. But, first, more people there will need to be persuaded to eat them. Jan Low with the International Potato Center, a research organization, says the sweet potato needs a better image in Africa. She said, “We do have an image problem with sweet potato in general in Africa. Most of the local people refuse to grow sweet potatoes. It is seen as a food of the poor.” Ms. Low explains that sweet potatoes are mainly grown by poor women to feed their families in case other crops fail.

          The sweet potatoes commonly grown in Africa have white or yellow flesh. But, more importantly, they are low in vitamin A. Thus, Jan Low and her partners managed to tell the African people that orange sweet potatoes had high levels of vitamin A. They made use of the radio to spread the message that orange sweet potato is good to human health. They said that orange sweet potatoes were able to help you fight diseases, make you strong, clear your skin and make you look healthy.

          In areas without radio, they spread the message through singing, dancing and storytelling in local theaters. And everywhere they went, they wore orange T-shirts and hats. They even drove orange vehicles. Jan Low says the color of the tuber (植物的塊莖) made it easier to gain public attention.

          Dan Gustafson works for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. He pays attention to efforts in the past to increase the popularity of other nutritious crops. He says most of these efforts failed because organizers did not consider what people wanted to eat. But Mr. Gustafson sees a better chance for the efforts to increase the popularity of the orange sweet potato in Africa. For one thing, except for the color, the orange sweet potato is similar to what people


          already use. He is confident about the popularity of orange sweet potato in Africa and the improvement of people s health condition there.

          21. There is an image problem with sweet potatoes in Africa because ____. A. they are very ugly in shape and color B. they are difficult to grow

          C. they are regarded as the food of the poor D. they do great harm to the land

          22. What is true of sweet potatoes in Africa? A. The white ones had high levels of vitamin A. B. The commonly-grown ones are low in vitamin A. C. The yellow ones can make you strong and clear your skin. D. The orange ones cannot help overcome the lack of vitamin A.

          23. In areas without radio, what did Jan Low and her partners do to draw public attention to sweet potatoes?

          A. They sang and danced with local people. B. They drove vehicles in different colors. C. They dressed themselves in orange. D. They gave lectures in theaters.

          24. According to Mr. Gustafson, some efforts to introduce other nutritious crops to Africa failed because ____ .

          A. people don t like them B. people cannot afford them C. they don t taste delicious D. they have strange colors

          25. What is the passage mainly about? A. The different functions of vitamin A. B. The introduction of nutritious crops to Africa. C. The history of growing potatoes in Africa. D. The most popular food in Africa.

          Passage 2

          “Sleep is a behavior and, like all behaviors, it differs greatly among people,” explains Dr. Carol Landis. “The greatest differences occur in the timing of sleep and the amount of sleep-the factors which are most important in determining whether you will wake up feeling rested.” Research has found that people sleep better at different times during their daily cycle. For example, some people function better if they go to sleep early and rise early, while others feel more rested if they stay up late and sleep in. “Many people don t pay attention to the timing of


          their sleep,” Landis notes. “Yet delaying or altering the time you go to sleep can have a major impact on how you feel when you wake up.”

          The amount of sleep the average adult needs each night also differs. Some people may be fine with six hours of sleep, while others need up to nine hours per night. Landis points out that those who follow a regular sleep schedule tend to function better on fewer hours, but she adds that most adults need at least six hours of sleep each night.

          “A person s sleeping patterns aren t ,” Landis stresses. Gradually altering the timing of sleep can help change sleep patterns. An “evening person” who needs to get to work early in the morning can try upping the time they go to bed by 30 minutes every few days. Within a few weeks, this slow adjustment will help “reset” the body clock.

          In addition to maintaining a regular daily sleep schedule, Landis offers the following tips on having a good sleep:

          Avoid cigarettes, caffeinated (含咖啡因的) drinks and food such as chocolate in the late

          afternoon and evening.

          Avoid alcohol in the evening. This can cause a person to wake up a few hours into sleep and

          interrupt sleep patterns.

          Finish exercising at least two hours before going to sleep. Exercise increases body temperatures and makes it more difficult to easily fall asleep.

          Don t sleep in a warm environment. A drop in a person s body temperature is important at the beginning of deep sleep. People who sleep in a well-heated room or use an electric blanket may not sleep as soundly.

          Catch up on missed sleep when you have the opportunity. To reduce your sleep debt, try

          taking a 30-minute nap (小睡) during the day before 4 p.m. or sleeping in on weekends when you have a chance.

          26. Which of the following is true according to Dr. Landis? A. People with longer sleep feel more rested. B. People tend to have similar sleep schedules.

          C. Changing sleep habits won t affect people s body clock.

          D. Changing the time for sleep can affect the quality of people s sleep.

          27. The underlined phrase “set in concrete” (Line 1, Paragraph 4) probably means ____. A. unchangeable C. recognizable

          B. unacceptable D. reasonable

          28. What does Dr. Landis think may result in a wake-up during night sleep? A. Taking chocolates before bedtime. B. Drinking alcohol before sleep. C. Exercising before going to bed.


          D. Using electric blankets.

          29. According to the passage, what may keep people from having a good sleep? A. Smoking in te evening. B. Sleeping in a cool room. C. Taking a nap during the day. D. Sleeping in on weekends. 30. This passage is mainly about ____. A. how to change one s sleep pattern B. what to do before going to bed C. what to do with sleeplessness D. how to get a good night s sleep



          用黑色字跡的簽字筆或鋼筆將答案寫在答題紙上,不能答在試題卷上。 III.用國際音標標出下列單詞中劃線字母或字母組合的讀音。

          (本大題共20小題,每小題0.5分,共1 0分)(注意:使用新式或老式音標均可) 41. creature

          IV.完形填空。(本大題共20小題,每小題0.5分,共1 0分) A.從下列單詞中選擇恰當的詞填空,每個詞只能用一次。

          Education is one of the biggest and most important jobs of government in the United States. However, it is a task is carried out by local governments rather than the federal government. Help from Washington comes in the form of money and research. There are


          no national educational standards or regulations, . there are in many other countries. Local areas - states or cities or counties - have kept control their own school systems. In spite of local control, school systems throughout the country very similar. A child can transfer from a school in one state to a school in . without meeting any serious difficulty. Different books may be required or different may be offered, but the same basic subjects are throughout the country.

          The normal school system in the United States consists of six years of school and six years of high school. In many areas, high school is into three years of junior high school and three of senior. Each school year is called a grade. B. 根據課文的內容在每個空白處填入一個恰當的詞。

          It must be realized that sport in its modern form is almost entirely a British invention. Boxing, rugby, football, hockey, tennis and cricket all first organized and given rules in Britain. Rules are the essence of sport, and sportsmanship is the ability to practice a sport to its rules, while also showing generosity to one s opponent and temper in defeat. The high pressure of modern international sport these ideals difficult to keep, but they are least highly valued in Britain and are certainly achieved there commonly than among more excitable peoples. Moreover, sportsmanship as an ideal is applied life in general. This is proved by the number of sporting terms in ordinary speech. Everybody talks of “fair play” and “playing the game” or “playing the shoulder” is used to describe a well-aimed, strong criticism and “below the to describe an unfair one. One of the most elementary rules of life is “never hit a man when he s down” - in other words, never take advantage of a person s misfortune.


          71. The three adjectives that the author of “The Time Message” uses to describe time are ____. 72. As the author of “Happiness” points out, long-term happiness is based on____ and self-esteem 73. In “The Day I Was Fat”, when she was rudely called fat, the woman made up her mind to lose weight. She regained not only her shape, but also her ____.

          74. The text “Unreality of TV” describes Dr. Heinrich Applebaum s study on____.

          75. Samuel H. Scudder, the author of “In the Laboratory”, was told to____ for the first three days in Professor Agassiz s laboratory.

          76. In “The Great Idea of Mr. Budd”, William Strickland was arrested by the police because ____. 77. The young man in “The Outside Chance” bought tomorrow s paper”, which reported the results of ____ and the news about a factory disaster in his hometown.

          78. Hans Christian Andersen finally realized that “it doesn t matter if you are born in a duck-yard, as long as ____.”


          79. In “Freedom in Dying”, Jim s mother has been truly great. She has shown how much she loves Jim without depriving him of his ____.

          80. In “The Emotional Bank Account”, the author notes that, in relationships, the little things are the big things, and that they go a long way toward building ____. VI.漢譯英。(本大題共1 0小題,每小題2分,共20分) 81.他問我這本書是否已被譯成英語。 82.他跟我講話的方式我接受不了。

          83.這個故事告訴我們一個道理:幸福不是終點,而是過程。 84.那位婦女在得知丈夫的死訊后放聲大哭。


          86.昨天晚上他趕上了末班公共汽車;不然的話,他就要走著回家了。 87.許多人沒有意識到空氣污染可能給人類帶來巨大災難。 88.正是因為他學習努力,他才通過了所有的考試。 89.作為一名律師,他應該為自己的所作所為感到羞恥。 90.人們普遍認為,因特網給我們的生活帶來很大的便利。


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