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          全國自考00794綜合英語(一)2013年1 月份真題及答案

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          綜合英語(一) 試題









          1. After he gave a report about the school, Mr Wang _______ the visitors around it.

          A. went on to show

          B. went on showing

          C. went on with showing

          D. kept on showing

          2.--What is the model plane look like? --Well, the wings of the plane are ____of its body.

          A. more than the length twice

          B. twice more than the length

          C. more than twice the length

          D. more twice than the length

          3. It’s too late to go out now._____, it’s starting to rain.

          A. Besides

          B. Meanwhile

          C. However


          4. Old as the car is, ___ it works quite well.

          A. and

          B. yet

          C. so

          D. however

          5. “________of them are not here.” means “____of them are not here.”

          A. All; Some

          B. Both; Every

          C. Both; Neither

          D. All; Both

          6. The college entrance examination is coming; the students are ____ it.

          A. preparing

          B. prepared for

          1 / 9

          C. prepared

          D. preparing for

          7. While ____ in the room, we were all very excited.

          A. waited

          B. waiting

          C. to wait

          D. wait

          8. -- “Are you _______from America?”-- “No, neither of us.”

          A. each

          B. both

          C. all

          D. neither

          9. She asked ______ we were getting on well with our work.

          A. how

          B. if

          C. what

          D. that

          10.As ____ matter of fact, there was ____ exploration in _____ last house I visited.

          A. a, an, the

          B. the, an, a

          C. a, the, the

          D. the, a, a

          11. -- The boy is tall enough ___ his age. --Yes, I was much _____ when I was his age.

          A. to; shorter

          B. at; taller

          C. at; shorter

          D. for; shorter

          12. The food tastes _____ and sells _____.

          A. well; well

          B. good; good

          C. good; well

          D. well; good

          13. Jack is a good friend ______; he often comes to our home for a visit.

          A. of my father

          B. of my father’s

          C. for my father

          D. with my father

          14. Why not trust and use David? He is still as strong as_____ in the team.

          A. somebody else

          B. everybody else

          C. anybody else

          D. nobody else

          15.In our country every boy and every girl ____ the right to education.

          A. has

          B. have

          C. is

          D. are

          16.The boy said he wouldn’teat _____.

          A. any longer

          B. no longer

          C. any more

          D. no more

          17.My sister is very keen _____ art.

          A. at

          B. on

          C. in

          D. for

          2 / 9

          18. It hasn’trained for a month. The garden needs ____.

          A. water

          B. to water

          C. to be watering

          D. watering

          19.He’s been _____a new project which has to be finished by the end of next year.

          A. working out

          B. working on

          C. figuring out

          D. making out

          20. Nobody should be deprived _____ the right to education.

          A. from

          B. of

          C. away

          D. off



          多涂或未涂均無分。(本大題共1 0小題,每小題2分,共20分)

          Passage One

          The Great Fire of London started in the very early hours of September 1666. In four days it destroyed more than three-quarters of the old city, where most of the houses were wooden and close together. One hundred thousand people became homeless, but only a few lost their lives.

          The fire started on Sunday morning in the house of the King’s baker(面包師) in Pudding Lane. The baker, with his wife and family, was able to get out through a window in the roof. A strong wind blew the fire from the bakery (面包房) into a small hotel next door. Then it spread quickly into Thames Street. That was the eginning.

          By eight o’clock three hundred houses were on fire. On Monday nearly a kilometer of the city was burning along the River Thames. Tuesday was the worst day. The fire destroyed many well-known buildings, old St Paul’s and the Guildhall were among them.

          Samuel Pepys, the famous writer, wrote about the fire. People threw their things into the river. Many poor people stayed in their houses until the last moment. Birds fell out of the air because of the heat.

          The fire stopped only when the King finally ordered people to destroy hundreds of buildings in the paths of the fire. With nothing left to burn , the fire became weak and finally died out.

          After the fire, Christopher Wren ,the architect , wanted a city with wider streets and fine new houses of stone. In fact, the streets are still narrow, but he did build more than fifty churches, and the new St Paul’s is among them.

          The fire caused great pain and loss, but after it London was a better place : a city for the future and not just of the past.

          21. The fire began in ____.

          3 / 9

          A. a hotel

          B. the palace

          C. Pudding Lane

          D. Thames Street

          22. The underlined word “family”in the second paragraph means _____.

          A. home

          B. children

          C. wife and husband

          D. wife and children

          23. It seems that the writer of the text was most sorry for the fact that______.

          A. some people lost their lives

          B. the birds in the sky were killed by the fire

          C. many famous buildings were destroyed

          D. the King’s bakery was burned down

          24. Why did the writer cite (引用)Samuel Pepys ?

          A. Because Pepys was among those putting out the fire.

          B. Because Pepys also wrote about the fire.

          C. To show that poor people suffered most.

          D. To give the reader a clearer picture of the fire.

          25. How was the fire put out according to the text?

          A. The King and his soldiers came to help.

          B. All the wooden houses in the city were destroyed.

          C. People managed to get enough water from the river.

          D. Houses standing in the direction of the fire were pulled down.

          Passage Two

          Many people who work in London prefer to live outside of it and to go into their offices or schools every day by train, car or bus, even though this means they have to get up early in the morning and reach home late in the evening.

          One advantage of living outside London is that houses are cheaper. Even a small flat in London without a garden costs quite a lot to rent. With the same money, one can get a little house in the country with a garden of one’s own.

          Then, in the country one can rest from the noise and hurry of the town. Even though one has to get up earlier and spend more time in trains or buses, one can sleep better at night and during weekends and on summer evenings. One can enjoy the fresh, clean air of the country. If one likes gardens, one can spend one’s free time digging, planting, watering and doing the hundred and one other jobs which are needed in a garden. Then, when the flowers and vegetables come up, one has the reward( 回報,獎賞) of one who has shared the secret of Nature.

          Some people, however, take no interest in country things: for them, happiness lies in the town, with its cinemas and theatres, beautiful shops and busy streets, dance-halls and restaurants. Such people would feel that their life was not worth living if they had to live it outside London.

          4 / 9

          An occasional (偶爾的) walk in one of the parks and a fortnight’s (two weeks) visit to the sea every summer is all the country they want: the rest they are quite prepared to leave to those who are glad to get away from London every night.

          26. Which of the following statements is NOT true?

          A. People who like country things prefer to live outside the city.

          B. People who work in London prefer to live in the country.

          C. Because of certain disadvantages of living outside London, some people who work in London prefer to live inside London.

          D. Because of certain advantages of living outside London, many people who work in London prefer to live outside London.

          27. One can use the same money for _____ to buy a little house with a garden in the country.

          A. getting a small flat with a garden

          B. having a small flat with a garden

          C. renting a small flat without a garden

          D. buying a small flat without a garden

          28. When the flowers and vegetables in the garden come up, those ____ have the reward of one who has shared the secret of Nature.

          A. who live in the country

          B. who have spent time working in the garden

          C. who have a garden of their own

          D. who have been digging, planting and watering

          29.People who think happiness lies in the town would feel that ____ if they had to live it outside London.

          A. their life was meaningless

          B. their life was invaluable

          C. they didn’tdeserve a happy life

          D. they were not worthy of their happy life

          30. The underlined word “rest”in the last paragraph refers to _____.

          A. the rest time

          B. the rest people

          C. the rest of the country

          D. the rest of the parks and of the sea





          31. f ee l 32. s tar

          5 / 9

          33. th anks 34. m assage

          35. st ood 36. mar sh

          37. p u blish 38.J uly

          39. ab ou t 40. t oy

          41. m er ely 42. comp are

          43. v oung 44. w here

          45. n ew46. f i nd

          47. ch air 48. b ir d

          49. tr ust 50. dr iver


          全國自考00794綜合英語(一)2013年1 月份真題及答案

          Do you have a pet? Are you 51 in taking care of animals? Girls and boys who like animals may want to study to be animal doctors. They are often 52 “vets ”. Many of them work in animal 53 . Others may work on farms or at a 54 . Some study animal diseases and try to find 55 to keep the animals from getting 56 . They do studies in 57 for animals. Vets listen to an animal’s heart. They check its ears, eyes, mouth and blood. They 58 on animals when they need 59 . They may give the animals shots(注射) and tell the pets’60 what food is best.


          So at about eleven every night when he sat down for his 61 , I would come out of the kitchen and sit down 62 to him and read articles from the front page of the 63 .

          When I ra n into a word I didn’t know (and I didn’tknow half of the article, because any word 64 than a couple of syllables gave me trouble) he explained the 65 of the word and gave me the 66 .Then he’d send me 67 . to the sentences so I could understand the word in 68 . Then I would take the paper away with me, armed now with the meaning of those words, and reread and reread the article 69 that the meaning of those words would get_ 70 into my memory. Every evening we did that.

          V.根據所學課文內容完成下列句子。(本大題共1 0小題,每小題2分,共20分)

          71.Special Agent X came to the cabin to .

          72. Even though the man in “Love of Life”was saved and had enough to eat, he still hid food because he __________.

          73. We shouldn’tbe bound by the dictionary in choosing our words because _______.

          6 / 9

          74. In the story of “Hobbyist”, the druggist makes money by ___________.

          75. In the story of “Little Things Are Big”, the author _______ to the white lady because he’s afraid of being misunderstood.

          76. Dr. App lebaum’s recent study on the efforts of television on children is about ______.

          77. After Mr. Budd helped the police to catch the murderer, many ladies came to his shop to____.

          78. According to the author of “Another School Year---What For?”the first course in any science is essentially a history course because ________.

          79. From the day the boy called her fat, Lois was committed to ________.

          80. According to the writer, the “Deposits”in the “Emotional Band Account”are: Cultivate Kindness, Apologize, Learn Loyalty, ______and Forgive.













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