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          全國2007年4月高等教育自學考試 綜合英語(一)試題 課程代碼00794

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          Ⅰ. 用適當語法形式或詞匯填空。從A、B、C和D四個選項中選出一個最佳答案,并填入答題紙相應位置。(本大題共30小題,每小題1分,共30分)

          1.It was _____ that we went for a picnic in the country.

          A.such nice a day

          C.so nice a day B.such nice day D.so nice day

          2.I don’t think that Jack will come tomorrow morning, _________ ?

          A.does he

          C.doesn’t he B.will he D.won’t he

          3.By the end of next month I ______ here for five years.

          A.will work

          C.have worked B.have been working D.will have been working

          4.Much research _______ into the possible causes of the disease in the past few years.

          A.has been done

          C.have been done B.was done D.were done

          5.The manager would rather his daughter _____ in the same company.

          A.would not work

          C.does not work B.will not work D.did not work

          6.Mike promised to keep me ______ how our business was going on.


          C.to be informed B.informed of D.to be informed of

          7.I have no objection ______ for a hike on the mountains with Cynthia.

          A.to go

          C.to going B.going D.of going

          8.____ a teacher in our college, it is necessary to have at least a master’s degree.

          A.To become

          C.Becoming of B.One becomes D.Who becomes

          9.All the task ______ ahead of time, we planned to go on holiday for a week.

          A.had fulfilled

          C.were fulfilled B.having fulfilled D.having been fulfilled

          10.Not until the game had begun ______ the sports ground.

          A.did Peter arrive at

          C.didn’t Peter arrive at B.Peter arrived at D.Peter didn’t arrive at

          11.I didn’t send out my application form last week, but I ________.

          A.had to

          C.have had B.might have to D.should have

          12.I will give the ticket to _______ wants to have it.


          C.some one B.whoever D.anyone

          13.The reason _______ I did not go to the lecture yesterday was that I had something important to do.


          C.because B.for that D.why

          14.Be careful with those explosives _______ end up killing ourselves.

          A.then we won’t

          C.or we will B.but we won’t D.and we will

          15.I don’t play basketball any more, _________ when I was a child.

          A.but I used to

          C.but I used to do B.I used to D.I used to do

          16.Living here at the top of the mountain with no one else near, the old man must be very ____.


          C.lone B.alone D.lonely

          17.Her name was on the waiting list for an emergency liver transplant, but no organ would be ______ for a month or two.


          C.available B.acceptable D.feasible

          18.____ could give an old man greater pleasure than to imagine he was back in childhood again.

          A.Everything B.Nothing

          C.Anything D.Something

          19.Many television _____ seem to enjoy watching the World Cup.


          C.audience B.lookers D.viewers

          20.To her ____ the men in her classes didn’t deliberately try to embarrass her but accepted her as a fellow student.

          A.sorrow and disappointment

          C.anger and frustration B.surprise and pleasure D.hatred and resentment

          21.The classroom was silent _____ the busy scratching of pens on paper.


          C.except for B.apart from D.except

          22.____ publishing complete novels, he began to write stories in serial form.

          A.Instead of

          C.Instead B.In spite of D.Beside

          23.The man loves nature and the soil. That is why he has bought a piece of land in the country and __________ to grow his own vegetables.

          A.taken the difficulty

          C.had the difficulty B.had the trouble D.taken the trouble

          24.No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t ______ of what the old woman said.

          A.work out

          C.make sure B.make sense D.figure out

          25.The teacher told us that we didn’t have to _____ every new word we ran into when reading.

          A.look over

          C.look up B.look through D.look into

          26.When he wrote to his father that he wanted to ____ his education and get married, his father cut off his allowance.

          A.give up

          C.give in B.give out D.give away

          27.His speech was warmly received. It was several minutes before the applause _______.

          A.died down B.died of

          C.died out D.died off

          28.Mr. Zhang makes _____ a point to keep up with the latest development in his field.


          C.it B.that D.these

          29.In many countries now seat belts are _____ for the driver and front seat passengers at least.


          C.in need B.in demand D.compulsory

          30.The imbalance between males and females could ______ serious consequences.

          A.change into

          C.turn to B.lead to D.develop into

          Ⅱ. 認真閱讀下面兩篇短文,每篇短文后有五個問題。根據短文的內容從四個選項中選擇一


          Passage One

          The number of speakers of English in Shakespeare’s time is estimated to have been about five million. Today it is estimated that some 260 million people speak it as a native language, mainly in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. In addition to the standard varieties of English found in these areas, there are a great many regional and social varieties of the language, as well as various levels of usage that are employed both in its spoken and written forms.

          It is virtually impossible to estimate the number of people in the world who have acquired an adequate working knowledge of English in addition to their own languages. The purposes for which English is learned and the situations in which such learning takes place are so varied that it is difficult to define and still more difficult to assess what constitutes (構成) an adequate working knowledge for each situation.

          The main reason for the widespread demand for English is its present-day importance as a world language. Besides serving the infinite needs of its native speakers, English is a language in which some of the most important works in science, technology, and other fields are being produced, and not always by native speakers. It is widely used for such purposes as meteorological and airport communications, international conferences, and the spread of information over the radio and television networks of many nations. It is a language of wider

          communication for a number of developing countries, especially former British colonies. Many of these countries have multilingual (多種語言的) populations and need a language for internal communication in such matters as government, commerce, industry, law and education as well as for international communication and for access to the scientific and technological developments in the West.

          31.The main reason that English is so popular today is that _______.

          A. it serves as a language that is needed for international communication

          B. English is used as the official language of many British colonies

          C. it has become the official language of such countries as Canada and South Africa

          D. it has been used ever since Shakespeare’s time

          32.What type of developing countries would be most likely to use English?

          A. Those geographically close to the United States.

          B. Those having close relationship with the United States and Great Britain.

          C. Former colonies of Great Britain.

          D. Countries where international conferences are often held.

          33.It is difficult to assess what constitutes an adequate working knowledge of English because ____.

          A. there are too many people speaking English in the world

          B. people in the world learn English in a variety of ways

          C. there are so many multilingual peoples

          D. the number of the people with an adequate working knowledge of English is difficult to


          34.Which of the following statements is NOT true?

          A. Although English is widely used in the world, the number of native speakers is only about

          260 million.

          B. People of the world like to learn English chiefly because of its present-day importance as a

          world language.

          C. In addition to the standard English there are a great many varieties of English in the world.

          D. All the important works in science, technology, and other fields are written in English.

          35.The best title for this passage is _____________.

          A. The History of the English Language

          B. The Difficulties of Learning English

          C. English as a World Language

          D. The Standard Varieties of English

          Passage Two

          Large companies need a way to reach the savings of the public at large. The same problem, on a smaller scale, faces practically every company trying to develop new products and creating new jobs. There can be little prospect of raising the sort of sums needed from friends and people we know, and while banks may agree to provide short-term finance, they are generally unwilling to provide money on a permanent basis for long-term projects. So companies turn to the public, inviting people to lend them money or take a share in the business in exchange for a share in future profits. This they do by issuing stocks and shares in the business through the Stock Exchange (證券交易所). By doing so they can put into circulation the savings of individuals and institutions, both at home and overseas.

          When the saver needs his money back, he does not have to go to the company with whom he originally placed it. Instead, he sells his shares through a stockbroker to some other saver who is seeking to invest his money.

          Many of the services needed both by industry and by each of us are provided by the government or by local authorities. Without hospitals, roads, electricity, telephones, railways, this country could not function. All these require continuous spending in new equipment and new development if they are to serve us properly, requiring more money than is raised through taxes alone. The government, local authorities, and nationalized industries, therefore, frequently need to borrow money to finance major capital spending, and they, too, come to the Stock Exchange.

          There is hardly a man or woman in this country whose job or whose standard of living does not depend on the ability of his or her employers to raise money to finance new development. In one way or another, this new money must come from the savings of the country. The Stock Exchange exists to provide a channel through which these savings can reach those who need finance.

          36.Almost all companies involved in new production and development must ______.

          A. depend on the population as a whole for finance

          B. persuade the banks to provide long-term finance

          C. collect large sums of money from friends and people they know

          D. rely on their own financial resources

          37.The money which enables these companies to go ahead with their projects is ______.

          A. repaid to its original owners as soon as possible

          B. raised by the selling of shares in the companies

          C. exchanged for part ownership of the Stock Exchange

          D. invested in different companies on the Stock Exchange

          38.When the savers want their money back they _____________.

          A. ask another company to obtain their money for them

          B. turn to other people to borrow money

          C. put their shares in the company back on the market

          D. transfer their money to more successful companies

          39.Many essential services on which we depend are ____________.

          A. run by the industries

          B. in constant need of financial support

          C. financed wholly by rates and taxes

          D. unable to provide for the needs of the population

          40.The Stock Exchange makes it possible for the government, local authorities and nationalized industries_________.

          A. to borrow as much money as they wish

          B. to make certain everybody saves money

          C. to raise money to finance new developments

          D. to make everybody lend money to them

          Ⅲ. 用國際音標標出下列單詞中劃線字母或字母組合的讀音(本大題共20小題,每兩小題


          41. achieve

          43. oxgen / /


          / / / / / 42. collapse / / / / / / / / 44. cl 46. acqu 48. defiance 45. ann47. withdrawal

          49. appntment

          51. worthless

          53. armacy


          / / / / / / / / / / / / 50. appr52. journey 54. unpleaant / / / / / / / / / / / / 56. headarters 58. explosion 60. ri 57. cautiously 59. ousehold

          Ⅳ. 完形填空(本大題共20小題,每兩小題1分,共10分)。


          Sandy is getting ready for school. She chooses to (61) ___ up to eat breakfast as she is late,

          (62) ____ her mother tells her to sit and eat as it is not (63) ____ to stand to eat. Her mother thinks Sandy’s old T-shirt with a hole (64) ____ it is disgusting and suggests she wear a nice blouse from her closet. Her mother is (65) ____ more concerned when she notices for the first time that Sandy is (66) ____ make-up, including eye shadow. Sandy at fifteen is too young (67) ____ wear make-up but Sandy announces that she has been wearing (68) ____ for months and all her friends are wearing it, too. She shocks her mother (69) ____ telling her that others also have tattoos and piercing. The mother is annoyed with Sandy who pretends (70) ____ to notice and avoids any further exchange by bolting off to catch her bus to school.

          B. 根據課文的內容在每個空白處填入一個恰當的詞。 Both men and women stared at me and said nothing. A woman (71) ____ a housecoat was startled (72) ____ I came around the corner of her house. (73) ____ the sound of my greeting, she gathered her housecoat tightly about her and moved (74) ____ indoors. I heard the lock click. (75) _____ woman had a strange, large animal (76) _____ her yard. I asked her what kind of dog it was. She gasped at me. I thought she was hard (77) _____ hearing and asked my question louder. She seemed a little frightened before she turned coldly (78) ____. The nice response came from women alone. (79) ____ the way they replied and asked after my health, I knew that at the day’s end when they listed the nice things they had done, there would be a place on the (80) ____ for “I spoke to the trashman today.”

          Ⅴ. 根據所學課文內容完成下列句子(本大題共10小題,每小題2分,共20分)。

          浙00794# 綜合英語(一)試題 第 8 頁 共 9 頁

          81.To Christy, the scribbled letter “A” was ___________, and his key to mental freedom.

          82.When Hans Andersen went to ask a favor of the Prince of Denmark, the Prince advised him


          83.In The Life, the old Jewish man at the waiters’ table offered to help Sidney Poitier to _______

          he did not understand.

          84.In Night Watch, the nurse did not know that _________ was not the old man’s son until the

          death of the old man.

          85.In the author’s point of view, the writer of a dictionary is __________ rather than a lawgiver.

          86.In A Fiddle and the Law, Agent X managed to get rid of Pappy’s hostility by _________.

          87.Long-term happiness is based on honesty, productive work, contribution and _________.

          88.Unlike the others’, Henry Ground’s funeral was ____________.

          89.The issue that Little Things Are Big puts forward is _____________.

          90.Mr. Grayson needed the help of the Thinking Machine because __________.

          Ⅵ. 將下列句子譯成英語(本大題共10小題,每小題2分,共20分)。

          91. 做重大事情時,他很少不事先征求父母意見。

          92. 她來電話時,我正在吃午飯。

          93. 起初我很不習慣農村的艱苦生活。

          94. 據說這條規定僅適用于大學生。

          95. 我想喝冷飲,不想喝咖啡。

          96. 仔細閱讀了那部小說三遍之后,他決定動手寫篇評論。

          97. 一本好書就是能給讀者帶來愉悅和啟迪的書。

          98. 每逢足球比賽,杰克總是第一個來,最后一個走。

          99. 品葡萄酒是一回事,釀(brew)葡萄酒是另一回事。



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