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          坐標您當前所在位置: 湖北自考網> 考試科目 > 綜合英語(一) > 模擬試題> 2015年10月全國自考綜合英語(一)考前密卷00794(含答案)


            來源 : admin    湖北自考教育網 : http://www.selectpanamarealestate.com   



          第1題 The book is difficult____.

          A. understood

          B. to understand

          C. understand

          D. understanding

          【正確答案】 B


          本題分數 1 分

          第2題 What did he usually do after eleven o’clock every evening while ____ in a restaurant

          A. to work

          B. was working

          C. work

          D. working

          【正確答案】 D


          本題分數 1 分

          第3題 ____ he was crossing the bridge, the earth suddenly began to shake.

          A. While

          B. When

          C. As

          D. After

          【正確答案】 C


          本題分數 1 分

          第4題 ____our great delight, the day turned out fine.

          A. To

          B. With

          C. At

          D. For

          本題分數 1 分

          第5題 Though he knew he would meet many difficulties, the general manager still set himself ____ his task with a will.

          A. from

          B. aside

          C. about

          D. to

          【正確答案】 D


          本題分數 1 分

          第6題 The reason ____ their absence, as I know, is ____ they had an accident on their way.

          A. that, why

          B. why, that

          C. for, that

          D. for which, because

          【正確答案】 C


          本題分數 1 分

          第7題 He will do anything to help you except ____ you money.

          A. to lend

          B. lending

          C. lend

          D. borrow

          【正確答案】 C


          本題分數 1 分

          第8題 After putting it off three times, we ____ managed to have a holiday in Greece.

          A. at last

          B. finally

          C. in the end

          D. eventually


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